10 Unique fancy dress Ideas for kids

Unique ideas

1. Jelly Bean Bag

1 Jelly Bean

Requirements: A large plastic bag, a marker, small balloons and a ribbon.

It is an absolutely DIY project. In this, a large bean bag which is the plastic bag is taken. The balloons of different colors are blown and kept aside. Mention the ingredients on the plastic bag with a marker. Carefully cut the legs holes and arm holes through the plastic bag and make your child step into it. Then, fill it up with balloons and loosely it around the neck with a ribbon.

This is what you can make at the back of the jelly bean bag for it to look real. You can just randomly mention some figures for each of these break ups.

Edible safe colors added

Calories Per bean Bag

Nutritional Facts






2. Traffic Signal

2 traffic signal

Take a chart paper and color it black. Cut it into a long rectangle which can fit your child vertically. Cut three big circles and color them as red, green and orange and paste them on the rectangle. Make your child wear full sleeved black shirt and pant and attach or paste this rectangle on the shirt.

3. Princess of Jungle

3 princess of the jungle

This is easily doable at home.


A top which has deep cuts and is sleeveless, A short skirt preferably with curve edge at the bottom, curly long hair left open, a tiara, flowers could be used as earrings, a garland made of flowers.

4. Hot Air Balloon

It’s very exciting and a lot of fun for kids to dress them as a hot air balloon. It is extremely doable project for you.


Any big size balloon (keep one more ready in spare just in case somebody pricks it), a soft wooden basket, threads, onesie. Dress your child in onesie. Blow up the balloon and attach four different long strings to it. Draw two leg holes in the wooden basket and stick a few layers of cello tapes so that the sharp edges of the holes do not hurt your child. Make your child wear the basket below as pants and attach the four strings of the balloon to the basket. And, stuff in some fabric inside the basket to fill it up so that it sticks on to your child well.

5. Cotton Candy

5 cotton candy

One of the rarely tried yet very easy and fun options for fancy dress is dressing your child up as a cotton candy.


For this, you would need a big sized plastic bag and just stick pink colored cotton on it. Cut two holes for legs and two for arms in the bag. Make him or her wear the plastic bag first than start stuffing in cotton and then tie the bag around the neck loosely with a thread. Your cotton candy is ready.

6. Barbie Doll

6 barbie doll

Yet another favorite of small kids, Barbie is liked by one and all. It is very easy to dress your kid like a Barbie. The only challenge here is to get the hair done in line with Barbie’s style.


For this, you could buy a wig online in Golden color like that of a Blonde’s, you need a pair of tights in multicolored prints preferably till just below knee length, An off shoulder plain top to match up the tights, A matching hair band or a rubber band to tie around the pony either at the back or on the side.

7. Amul Girl

7 Amul Girl

This is yet another exciting unique fancy dress option. Kids love milk and Cheese and they are able to relate with Amul brand.


Any polka dotted frock till knees or above with a matching bow. Simple as it sounds you just need to do her hair the way it is shown. A small pony on the top with loose hair on all sides is all that is needed.

8. Punjabi kudi

8 Punjabi Kudi

Your girl would look too cool as Punjabi girl. Punjabi girls have typical dressing style and wear colorful dresses.


Make sure you make her wear a Patiala with dupatta. She should wear a bold bright lipstick like red or pink, a long pigtail is needed to be attached (The braids should start from top), plenty of bright colored bangles for both the hands.

9. Cheese Burger

9 Cheeseburger

One of the unique yet most exciting options is to dress your child as a cheese burger.


Felt in yellow, green, red and beige colors, Sewing kit, brown onesie of your kid’s size, Velcro. Cut the yellow felt in square shape big enough to cover your child’s body, cut the red felt in small semi circles and stitch them on all four sides of the square, cut the green felt into uneven edges to cover all the four sides of the square. Then, just add Velcro to all the separate pieces and stick it on to your cute baby wearing brown onesie. Make sure you add the beige felt on the top.

10. Sunflower

10 sunflower

The sunflower costume could be bought online or could be hired or bought locally.


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