Magical Evenings with your Kids

You may be at ease that sending them to school will get the work done, but as parents what you can do, no one can!

Do something different. Your evenings with kids can be made special by not taking them along wherever you you want to go,but actually making some evenings really special for them like:

1. Host a Tea Party: A good tea party should be about enjoying the company of your friends and finding something to celebrate whenever you can. Get kids in on the fun by serving Tea with Nice Crockery for Kids. Some word games can be played along for fun. Playing tea party is a way for children to work on important social skills, like thinking about the needs of others and taking turns. It teaches them art of serving and hosting. 

2. Garden Party: Host a Garden Party, it can be beautifully decorated with some good meal. Get your kids to get together, talk about things on thier mind, crack jokes. They would get into the habit of sitting still and making sure nothing goes wrong. Organising some activities like planting flowers, seeds of fruits they love to eat will add a fun element to the evening. 

3. Cooking it up: Kids love the idea of just pouring things here and there. Let them make some sandwiches, let them play with sauce, some veggies and fruits. They will come up with some amazing Recipes! Invoke the chef in them. Let them make a mess, do whatever they want! You can help them cook some doughnuts, some simple salads, Cheese sandwiches, Some chips mixture. They can make anything creative.

4. Handpainting Evenings: Thumb painting is a real good idea. Get your kids and there friends in a group, Give them colors, sheets, let them paint endlessly. Give them topics, click pictures, organise small competitions. Cheer them up, let them just play with colors freely.





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